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Click here to download a PDF of the FAQs. If you can’t find the answer you are looking for here, you can also check out the Terms & Conditions for more information.

Celebrity Rewards is a travel agent loyalty program that has been specifically designed to reward you for your sales of Celebrity Cruises. The program enables you to earn points on every Celebrity Cruises booking you make, which can then be redeemed for cash onto a reloadable Celebrity Rewards Mastercard. You will receive points based on the category you book, for every cruise you sell, regardless of the length of the Cruise or sailing date. For bookings made from April 1, 2021, here's what you can earn:

  • The Retreat (Upper Suites) - 1,500 points worth $15
  • The Retreat (Sky/Celebrity Suites) - 1,000 points worth $10
  • AquaClass/ Concierge Class - 750 points worth $7.50
  • Veranda, Ocean View, Inside - 500 points worth $5

Bookings made prior to April 1, 2021 will be awarded the original points amount of 500 points worth $5 per booking.

Once you hit 2,500 points, you can start to redeem your points on to a reloadable Celebrity Rewards Mastercard, which can be applied for on, once you are a registered participant of the Celebrity Rewards program.

Visit and select “Join Now” to enroll in the Celebrity Rewards program. Make certain to use your agency booking phone number and your preferred email address for correspondence, so we can send you a link to activate your Celebrity Rewards account. Please note, only approved Travel Agencies who are registered to do business with Celebrity Cruises can participate in this program.

Your company needs to go through the New Agency Requirement process in order to be set up to book Celebrity Cruises. For the information that is required to set up a new agency, click here if you are a U.S. based agency and click here if you are a Canadian based agency. If you have already submitted your required paperwork and it’s been at least 7 working days, please email: to find out your status.
If you sell under multiple agency phone numbers or pseudo numbers, please use the Contact Us to email us the additional phone numbers that need to be added to your account. To be validated for Celebrity Rewards, all booking phone numbers must be in the Celebrity Cruises system and linked to your travel agency.
Please use the Contact Us, selecting the correct subject category to allow us to respond to your query effectively. Please allow 48 hours for our team to reply to you.

Once you have enrolled into the Celebrity Rewards program, you are eligible to earn points by making Celebrity Cruises bookings. Bookings are uploaded onto the Celebrity Rewards website each day for the previous day of bookings made.

From the Celebrity Rewards Home page, select the ‘My Bookings’ tab where you will be able to enter your Booking Number. The system will search for that booking and allow you to “claim” your booking(s). Bookings will be available for claiming for up to 90 days after the booking date. If the booking is already within Final Payment, then the booking must be claimed by the time the booking sails. Once a booking is claimed, your Celebrity Rewards Account will automatically update with the relevant points shown as “Pending Points”. Once the booking reaches final payment and the booking is paid in full, your “Pending Points” will transfer to your “Redeemable Points” balance, at which point they will be available for you to redeem onto your reloadable Celebrity Rewards Mastercard. If your booking is already within final payment and final payment has been made when you claim your booking, the points will automatically appear in your “Redeemable Points” balance. In order to claim a booking, the booking phone number used in the reservation must be the same as the one in your Celebrity Rewards Profile.

Celebrity Rewards Members must CLAIM their respective bookings within 90 days of making the booking. We will not be able to make exceptions to this rule.

If you claim a booking by mistake on the MY BOOKINGS page, you will need to contact our Helpdesk Team via the CONTACT US page, providing them with the booking number and any relevant details, so that they can unclaim the booking for you.​ Any Pending or Redeemable Points relating to bookings you have claimed in error and have now been unclaimed will be removed from your Account Balance.

You will be able to locate the points attributed to the booking in your “Account” and select “Account Summary” to view your “Pending Points” as soon as you claim the booking. The points will automatically be transferred to your “Redeemable Points” balance after the booking has reached the final payment period and is paid in full. Your Pending and Redeemable Points balance are available to view on your “Account Summary” page at all times.

"Pending Points" are points that are held as pending (therefore not able to be immediately redeemed) until the booking has reached final payment and has been paid in full. Once the booking is within final payment and has been paid in full, “Pending Points” will automatically transfer to your “Redeemable Points” balance. If you have claimed points on a booking and the booking cancels, the “Pending Points” awarded for the booking will be reversed, regardless of whether the booking was paid in full.

“Redeemable Points” are points that are available for you to spend immediately, providing you have enough “Redeemable Points” to exchange for cash (minimum 2,500 points) to be transferred onto your reloadable Celebrity Rewards Mastercard.

If you have claimed points on a booking and the booking subsequently cancels, any “Pending Points”, “Redeemable Points”, or points awarded that you have already spent on rewards for the booking will be reversed, regardless of whether the booking had been paid in full. This may take your Account balance into a minus figure, until more points transfer over to a “Redeemable” status once further claimed bookings have reached final payment and been paid in full. You can view bookings with a “CANCELLED” status at any time on your Account Summary page on

Yes, your Group bookings qualify for this program as long as you claim them. Once claimed, the points will show as “Pending Points” until either the booking is within 90 days of sailing and is named, or the sailing date has passed, at which stage the points will transfer from "Pending" to "Redeemable Points". Group bookings are available to claim for up to 90 days after the date the booking is made.

In order to claim a booking, regardless of whether it is a group booking or an individual booking, the booking phone number used in the reservation must be the same as the one in your Celebrity Rewards Profile.

Affinity, Promotional, Incentive and Contracted groups are eligible. Charter groups do not qualify.

No, you are not required to be a Celebrity Learning Graduate to participate in the Celebrity Rewards program, but there are lots of fantastic benefits to becoming one, from enhanced brand experience, knowledge and confidence when selling Celebrity Cruises to your clients. To access Celebrity Learning you must be logged into

Select the Training & Benefits tab on the Navigation bar > Select Training & Certification > Select Celebrity Cruises

Once you have 2,500 points to redeem, you can apply for a reloadable Celebrity Rewards Mastercard. Go to the “MY MASTERCARD” page on for information on how to apply for, order and activate your personalized Celebrity Rewards Mastercard.

Once you have applied for the Celebrity Rewards Mastercard through the Celebrity Rewards website, you will receive it within 28 days. The Mastercard will be delivered to the address with which you used as Proof of Address when registering for your Mastercard Account and it will need to be signed for as proof of delivery.

Once you have received your Celebrity Rewards Mastercard and have activated it, you will then be able to transfer your “Redeemable Points” balances on to your Mastercard. All “Redeemable Points” transfers can take up to 14 days to appear on your card balance. You can view your current balance and full history of Mastercard transactions and activity at any time on your ‘MY MASTERCARD’ page on Your personal Celebrity Rewards Mastercard will be valid for 2 years from the date of issue. As of March 1, 2019, all transactional and other fees previously associated with the use of the Celebrity Rewards Mastercard no longer apply.

Each time you want to transfer “Redeemable Points” onto your Mastercard, visit and click on “Redeem My Points Now” on the Home Page or click the “MY MASTERCARD” tab at the top of the page and click on the ‘RELOAD my Mastercard now’ box. You will then be taken to a page that displays how many “Redeemable Points” you currently have available to transfer and be shown a drop-down menu with various dollar/denomination amounts and the equivalent number of points you will need to spend in order to transfer the required funds onto your Mastercard. Choose your amount and click “Submit”. You will then see a confirmation page acknowledging your redemption and at any stage, you can check your “Redemptions Summary” under your “Account” tab on the Celebrity Rewards website to view all of the redemptions you have made.

You can use your Celebrity Rewards Mastercard to make payments in exactly the same way you would with any other bank card, whether it’s payments in a store, online or taking money out of the ATM. Just make sure you have the appropriate funds on your Celebrity Rewards Mastercard for the payments you are making. We encourage you to log in to your Mastercard Account regularly to view a history of your card transactions.

No, points are awarded to each participant on an individual basis. If your booking has already been claimed within your Travel Agency, please contact your Owner/Manager for a final decision on who can claim that booking within Celebrity Rewards. The descion maker can send an email to the Helpdesk Team using the Contact Us page on with confirmation of the agent and details of the record including booking reference.

Yes, once your points become “Redeemable” they will have a 2 year validity period within which you can spend them, providing you continue to be active in the program, i.e. you are doing point earning activity such as making and claiming bookings. If you have been inactive for 1 year and your “Pending” or “Redeemable Points” balances haven’t changed, your “Redeemable Points” will automatically expire and your Celebrity Rewards Account will be closed.

You can view your “Account Summary”, at any time once you are logged into the Celebrity Rewards website. You will see a summary of how many points you have accumulated, how many points you have to spend on rewards, how many points you have that are Pending/Redeemable and more. You can also keep a track of rewards that you have already redeemed in your “Redemptions Summary”.
If you move to another travel agency, please let our Helpdesk Team know by using the Contact Us option on and emailing us your old agency booking phone number and your new agency booking phone number and contact details. We will update your profile on the database with your new details enabling you to view and claim the bookings that you are making at your new travel agency in order to continue earning points.
“Redeemable Points” that you have earned on your bookings are individually owned by you. Earned points are points that have a “Redeemable” status, so if you move to another travel agency, you will be able to take your “Redeemable Points” with you. Once we have changed your contact details on your profile, we will transfer your “Redeemable Points” over to your new account. Any “Pending Points” on your old account will be forfeited. Please contact our Helpdesk Team by using the Contact Us option on to let us know you have moved travel agencies so we can ensure your “Redeemable Points” balance is moved across to your new account. Please remember that in order for us to create a new Celebrity Rewards Account for you, your new travel agency must be set up with Celebrity Cruises or go through the “New Agency Requirement” process in order to be set up to do business with Celebrity Cruises.

We pay you in the same currency as your Travel Agency commission.

  • We suggest that you visit and log in to your profile on the Celebrity Rewards website each week and CLAIM your bookings regularly
  • Look out for your monthly “Celebrity Rewards Account Statement” in your email and/or junk folders, since this is a great reminder to CLAIM your bookings
  • Apply for your Reloadable Mastercard as soon as you create a profile, since it takes up to 28 days for your Mastercard to arrive
  • You can start to redeem your points for cash reloads once you have accumulated 2500 (worth $25) points
  • Ask the Celebrity Rewards Helpdesk​ Team any questions you may have using the CONTACT US​ ​page

Yes, you are responsible for all taxes owed on any rewards you receive, as we do not declare the rewards you receive through Celebrity Rewards to the tax authorities.